DRAGUN Small Batch Gelato was born from the fusion between pastry chef Matias Dragun & La Birra Bar. Matias began producing ice creams for La Birra Bar with the premise that ice cream is up to the quality of its burgers.

This is how La Birra Bar by Matias Dragun was born. In 2021, La Birra Bar opened its first North Miami Beach location. That’s why they decided to bring also the first brand of ice cream under the name DRAGUN, taking Matias’ wide career on the roof.

DRAGUN opened its doors on April 4 this year in Wynwood, one of Miami’s most trendy, upbeat and cool neighborhoods in the world!

Award-Winning Pastry Chef


Let us introduce you to Matias Dragun, our head chef behind the scenes!


Matias is an Argentinian pastry chef, chocolatier and ice cream chef. He worked in the gastronomic sector for 20 years between restaurants, bakeries, hotels and cooking schools. He have been a teacher in the field of pastry at IAG (Instituto Argentino de Gastronomia) and subsequently, director of a renowned Argentine Gastronomy Institute for 10 years. Currently, he makes ice cream for an Argentinian company with 14 locations: “LA BIRRA BAR”, and is head chef at DRAGUN Miami.


He teaches a workshop on the production of chocolate products, and teaches continuing education classes on confectionery, chocolate and ice cream.


He was trained in gastronomy in School of Gastronomy Syndicate in Argentina and in pastry at the Argentinian Institute of Gastronomy, and in recent years, in international schools (USA, France, Italy), with great professionals in the pastry field.

He also dedicated himself to the competition, where he managed to win the National Craft Ice Cream Championship as team captain in 2018. Also, along with their team were Latin American champions of artisanal ice cream in 2019 representing Argentina, winning the plaza for the ice cream world held in Rimini in January 2020, dedicating third and also winning the award for best innovative ice cream.


Currently is part of the Argentine National Pastry Team that will compete in June 2022 in Chile to earn a place for the World Pastry held in LYON, France in 2023.